We live in a system designed to steal from every U.S. citizen every minute!
Money & Monetary Policy
394 pages; Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-937449-04-9 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-937449-02-5 (hardcover)
Author: M. Shane Coley
Know Stealing dispels preconceived notions about the root causes of our nation's problems, replacing them with essential, clear and precise knowledge capable of driving restoration in our American Republic. Building upon fifteen years of research, this breakthrough exposé provides the solutions that will enable us, as ordinary citizens, to reclaim individual Life, Liberty, Property, and Prosperity, all founded a policy of NO stealing.

We can no longer afford the lies and deception that are eroding our national economy and our freedoms. Armed with knowledge and the tools necessary to restore our nation, together we can change the course of history.
SHANE COLEY has a love for liberty, truth, and understanding, which drives him to study the world in which we live. As a committed Christian Shane is active in church and ministry.

Shane has spent years studying apologetics, history, economics, personality, organizational behavior, science and more. One of his favorite short debates is with people who say there is no absolute truth. The point is made simply by asking if the claim being made is that “there is absolutely no absolute truth...” The argument refutes itself.

Shane is the host of Liberty and Production, a radio show based in Commerce Georgia at WJJC, 1270 AM and WJJC.net.

Know Stealing is the written culmination of fifteen years of research and an extension of the message of Liberty and Production he vigorously presented during his 2010 Senate campaign.

Knowledge, wisdom and understanding can lead the American people from debt to savings, which will enable us once again to enjoy time, and build a legacy, with family and friends.
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