After tragedy shatters Ellie's life, she is tested beyond her long held limits!
Young Adult Fiction
Softcover: 288 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-1-937449-12-4
Author: Dee Shaw
At seventeen Eleanor Wallace is a privileged teenager obsessed with always having more-more of the latest stylish clothing and high-priced accessories. Indulging in shopping weekly, she wants to appear as the best-dressed girl in school. She is even willing to hurt a friend if it makes her look cool. In a chilling moment Ellie's life is shattered by a senseless tragedy. She is told to flee from a vicious man who assumes she is the only witness to his crime. Tested beyond what she believes is her limit, values she's been taught at home will surface. She will be compelled to cling to God's protection and the love of her family during her exhausting attempt to reach safety.
After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree, Dee taught high school for several years and was also employed as a hospital dietitian. As the mother of three young children, she worked a part-time job helping to produce a YMCA newsletter which promoted the health benefits of running as an exercise. Dee was presented with the Service to Youth Award for her involvement with teens. Volunteering presently at a Christian ministry, she helps assist needy families with their food, clothing and several of their necessary household bills.

She and her husband reside in Western North Carolina and have also lived in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Colorado and Georgia. Once their children were grown, they traveled the globe for more than a decade as the Pastoral Care couple to more than 600 missionaries of the Presbyterian Church in America. They have nine grandchildren.
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