Reflections on growing old with a soul that is happily ready to listen to its Lord
Christian Life & Growth (Tennessee Writers Group)
Softcover: 108 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-1-937449-14-8
Author: Members of the "Growing Old with God" project
The Joy of Growing Old with God, captures the reflections of several people who have found joy in the aging process. The authors wanted to provide a story that would encourage and inspire their children, their children's children, and others of the joys they were experiencing as they passed through this time in their life. They focus their reflections on how their relationship with God has influenced their perspective of these years. The authors believe that age strips away the pretense of younger years and leaves bare the soul that is happily ready to listen to its Lord and Master. Even though the latter years may be filled with some medical issues and other challenges, these authors believe that their lives now are bigger, better, and more profound than they were when they were younger. Through these letters, poems, testimonials, and essays, they share the spirit and enthusiasm they have for life with God in their later years. [from the Foreword by Ronald Lukat]
Lucy Neeley Adams, Marvel G. Adams, Woody A. Adams, Margie Bender, Jackie Cobb, Wayne Freeman, Vern Hippensteal, Ronald Lukat, Teri Pizza, Alta Chase Raper, Helen Hughes Rice, Nancy Richards, H. Alvin Sharpe, Faye Jean Warriner
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