When life seems too boring, watch out! You might find yourself caught in the net!
Juvenile Suspense Fiction
Softcover: 108 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-937449-19-3
Author: Candace Pavese. Illustrator: Geraldine Holroyd
Robert thought his life was too boring, Reggie thought his was too confusing, and their pig-tailed pal Susan thought her's was pointless. When Reggie gets in trouble, however, Robert and Susan examine their hearts and are compelled to try to rescue their friend. Join them in their adventure of courage and self-discovery.
AUTHOR Candace Pavese ("Candy Card" until she married in her early thirties) has taught middle-school aged children in Christian schools and has a special love for them. She completed a correspondence course in writing in the late nineties, and this book grew out of one of her assignments. Candace has also written several songs and produced a Christian CD. She lives in Stewartstown, PA and works as a part-time bookkeeper for a law firm in the Baltimore area.

ILLUSTRATOR Geraldine Holroyd is a widow who lives in Baltimore with her daughter. Geraldine grew up in a neighborhood that would be considered "shabby chic" by today's standards. Her surroundings are still of a humble nature, but allow her to express herself and provide an opportunity to give back. Being a lover of nature and animal life from early on and an appreciative receiver of the blessings bestowed to her, Geraldine loves to testify that her drawings are imputed by God.
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