North Carolina High School Football Tales from Murphy to Marion
Non-Fiction, Sports, WNC
Softcover: 524 pages
Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21
ISBN: 978-1-937449-24-7
Author: Michael E. Hughes
The chapters in this volume contain firsthand stories and oral histories of 48 coaches who guided 38 football teams from 18 mountain counties in western North Carolina. Five of the schools no longer exist. Some background and researched material has been added to make the setting more familiar, especially for readers further removed from the decades that are discussed and recounted in these pages. Each chapter has a dual narrative, and every coach is quoted at length as he shares his tales and occasional commentary. The dialogue from previous eras is given as it's remembered. You'll also read of some off-the-field activity during playoff trips, of games interrupted by harsh weather, and learn how the Juice Jug originated in one mountain rivalry. You might chuckle at some of the pre-game antics that are mentioned, or sympathize with coaches who had problems with the press.
Michael Hughes is writes about sports in western North Carolina.
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