A sailing adventure, a pack of dogs, and a war with a drug runner!
Fiction: Adventure
Softcover: 210 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-9790221-8-0
Author: Nathan B. Tracy
A sailing adventure ends as a pack of dogs wins the war with drug runners while saving their Pack Leader in the Everglades swamp.

While investigating an insurance claim, Bart Casey is marked for death by a drug lord named King. Accompanied by his two dogs, Dutch and Kate, Bart sails his boat, the Pelican, down the Florida coast. King makes several attempts to sink Bart’s sailboat and kill Bart and his dogs.

Bart is shot and King's boat is damaged. The Pelican drifts into the Everglades, grounding deep in the swamp at an Indian mound. A pack of dogs meets the boat.

Meanwhile, King searches for the Pelican intent on disposing of Bart. The dogs intervene.

While the pack fights for Bart’s life, he experiences visions of his life and of a peculiar man with many names. He has only a shadowy knowledge of what is happening in reality beyond the smells of dog breath and peanut butter.
For more than thirty years, Dr. Nathan B. Tracy was a marine insurance adjuster and marine surveyor working out of Tampa, Florida. He owned, rebuilt, and sailed several boats, including one named “Pelican.”

He handled vessel casualties and cargo claims throughout the South East and the Bahamas, sometimes traveling to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Martinique, and Venezuela.

Nathan and his wife, Martha, live on a mountain in Western North Carolina. Although born in Florida, he now prefers the cool mountain air.
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