The Astounding Account of Vera Mills' Search for, and Journey with, God
Religion: Christian Life - Inspirational
Softcover: 208 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.6
ISBN: 978-0-9790221-4-2
Author: Marlene Cleaveland
I Saw a Man is the journey of Vera Mills’ search for God after being left motherless at 11 months old. Near death at the age of 5, Vera sees a man enter her room. Who is the man and why is she miraculously healed? She sees this man many times until at 18, in astounding detail, she is introduced to him by her deceased mother.

Her unwavering and dedicated walk with her Lord is manifested by visions, healings and gentle stirrings from the Holy Spirit. The stories unfold as her life’s puzzle intricately woven with the Holy Scriptures to confirm what she has seen.
Marlene Cleaveland currently directs the Charles County Literacy Council, a non-profit organization tutoring adults in reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language. She has a background in art and entertainment law, management and marketing. She felt led by God to write this book for her lifelong friend, prayer partner and mentor, Vera Mills. She lives in Southern Maryland with her family.
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