52 true stories show how God empowers His people... to be witnesses!
Family: Christian Evangelism
Softcover: 192 pages (also
available for the Kindle)
Dimensions: 5.5. x 8.5
ISBN: 978-0-9790221-2-8
Author G. Warren Sears
These stories, selected from Warren’s journals, show how God works today in a wide variety of situations. Although prayer and dependence upon the Holy Spirit is still the master plan for leading lost souls to our wonderful Savior, this book will give you fresh ideas and new concepts that make witnessing a win-win ministry. The second story shows how meditation on one verse of scripture empowers you to overcome any fear. You will learn how God makes divine appointments for you—and even puts words in your mouth.

It’s marvelous to see the change in someone’s life when they fall in love with Jesus. And to know you had a part somewhere in the process—planting, watering, or harvesting is joy unspeakable!  By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit. (John 15:8).
Before WWII, Warren lived in a dream world of art and music. But when he saw 185 shipmates get killed by a torpedo in the Pacific, his eyes were opened to the terrible forces of evil that are destroying the world. At age 29, he had a sweet wife who loved him, a new baby boy, and he became born again. Realizing Jesus is the only solution for this sin-sick world, he dreamed of doing big things for God—like preaching to multitudes á là Billy Graham. But the Lord had other plans for him.

Although he supported his family as an advertising artist and part-time musician, God began to use his witness in unique ways. Upon retiring, he began an open-air ministry called Operation Salt and Light. Now, some of his activities include ministry every Sunday morning to juveniles in a detention facility in Southern Maryland, leading small group studies in evangelism at church, and motivational talks to Christians.
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